Kelsey Coockson – Sabotage

Dutch emerging talent Kelsey Coockson has just released her new single ‘Sabotage’ and with that shows her international sound and how it is too grand for just the Netherlands to hear. ‘Sabotage’ has a rather commercial pop vibe to it, yet plays upon an infectious chorus that sticks like a limpet and is hard to shake off. The single is the third of her upcoming EP ‘Shadow Box’ and even though I wouldn’t call ‘Sabotage’ one of my favourite releases to date, I am very curious to hear what else Kelsey’s got in store.

Her flirting with this simple pop sound resembles the sound of artists such as HAIM, Maggie Rogers and Katy Perry, yet is more refined. ‘Sabotage’ talks about self-sabotage and building up a wall around one’s self to make sure no one new comes in… “In my current relationship, I decided not to get in the way anymore. That worked: we’ve been together for six years now. ‘Sabotage’ is an ode to that.”

On all her music Kelsey works closely with partner Maurits Huijgen, Kelsey being the main songwriter, Maurits being the man behind the production. They released their debut single in 2019 and have been opening up more and more with every new release, ‘Shadow Box’ being their best work in a fine collection of infectious and rather personal pop songs.

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