Walboom – Vultures

A tingling, catching intro made me curious to hear more, Walboom‘s new single ‘Vultures’ was what followed. The alternative indie, psych rock outfit from Australia/ Canada shaped their guitar-laden sound by listening to War on Drugs, Wild Nothing and The Pixies. ‘Vultures’ is built upon a tranquil soundscape that is made up of sophisticated drums, vivid vocals and a punchy chorus.

The band bring their new single with swagger and a nonchalant attitude, one that says that even though ‘Vultures’ might not reach a number 1 spot in the charts, it still made you move.

“‘Vultures’ offers a social commentary on the fractured state of many societies across the globe as increasing wealth inequality pulls communities apart.” The duo that calls themselves Walboom formed in Ontario and due to lockdown were forced to finish their writing and recording separately, at opposite ends of the earth. Being apart or not, Walboom did not let it stop them and the result is their refined and well-crafted new single ‘Vultures’, have a listen below!

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