The Round Up – September


The warm and soothing vocals that lead us through the new single of The Islas are of a magnificent kind and give ‘Close’ its colourful pallet. ‘Close’ is an alternative guitar-driven track built upon great vocals and almost hypnotising harmonies. The subject of The Islas’ latest single is one I am rather familiar with; losing religion. Even though I enjoy both soundscape and lyrical aspect of ‘Close’, I do not feel like the two are related, even though infectious, ‘Close’ is nothing too special, but a great sing along track!

King No-One – Get You Right

King No-One are back, with a synth-driven rock track and laid back rhythmic intro. Following its relaxed start are an upbeat and nearly rushed soundscape and a voice that belongs to someone that seems to have forgotten how to take a breath in between sentences. Then again, its speed and energy are what make it a track that demands attention. There is no way of letting your attention slip while listening because ‘Get You Right’ is full of surprises and you do not want to be the person to have missed one of those…

Sam Johnson – Changes

Sam Johnson demanded a spot in my top favourite artists of 2020 with previously released single ‘Peter Pan’ and he is back, and doing it again, with ‘Changes’. It is a combination of his almost strained vocals, the convincing harmonies and the poppy hooks that make ‘Changes’ such a fun track to listen and dance along to. ‘Changes’ is taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Are We There Yet?’ and it’s an optimistic yet sometimes daunting look on the future and all it might bring.

Parachute Words – Sunshine!!

I had not heard of Parachute Words before their new single ‘Sunshine!!’ which almost demands you to be smiling and enjoying the sunshine, if it is visible or not. Parachute Words’ lead vocals are sounding tight and at times distract me from its contagious soundscape which is also what makes this a balanced yet not too exciting new release. However, I must give credit for the build up and the hooks the track is filled with, as it is still a surprise what is coming next and I am curious to hear more and see what else Parachute Words has to offer.

Georgia Feroce – My Own Head

A soulful sound, clean cut vocals and subtle harmonies make up Georgia Feroce’s new single ‘My Own Head’. A well-balanced mix of vocals, harmonies and instrumental parts are what give ‘My Own Head’ its depth and make it a story that I am dying to hear. “‘My Own Head’ is about trying to make sense of my weird dreams, strange thoughts, and existence, but ultimately succumbing to the realisation that there’s not much sense to any of it. So I go to work, pay my bills, chase dreams and run from nightmares as long as I can before I disappear!”

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