Sour Honey – Snub

Manchester-based four-piece Sour Honey have released their new single ‘Snub’ at the beginning of September and with it stuck up their finger to the global pandemic. The band is brave trying to get their career off the ground in the midst of these trying times, however there is nothing else we can do than to pursue our dreams and passions. The band formed out of Young Monarch and Cosmo Calling and are now creating a 90’s inspired shoegaze sound mixed with a touch of rock.

‘Snub’ is their second single, it’s a warm and slightly hazy anthemic track with soothing, low pitched vocals. ‘Snub’ is about a relationship and feeling numb, its upbeat and fast paced soundscape cover its message and the feeling of not feeling anything at all. Sour Honey sound like Editors in a slightly younger suit, and it suits them well. The band are convincing throughout ‘Snubs’s entirety, with exciting and surprising hooks, rhythm-changes and attention demanding vocals. We’ll see what the rest of 2020 brings!

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