Phoebe Coco – White Horse

Phoebe Coco is an enchanting emerging artist who recently released her new single and video ‘White Horse’. I decided that sometimes, the artist knows best how to explain the necessity of making music and why singles are being released. I asked Phoebe why she feels the need to create and make art and because she sent me back such a thought through short blog I decided to publish it in its entirety here.

‘White Horse’ shows her thought-through and magical way of creating a sound that is rather simple yet jazzy and intense. Phoebe does not only create magic with her lyrics, but also with her written words. Read Phoebe’s thoughts on music and art below.

It is intrinsic and runs very deeply in all of us in one way or another and for reasons that are not easily quantifiable.

I experience two modes of creation – one in the head and one in the heart, the first being the heart; the mysterious spirit that moves us to create, hard to pin down and not easily quantified.

I am moved to create. It is an intuitive action and I rarely stop to question the command the muse sends me. I think it is akin to the stories through song that dates back into the years of the unknown. This is a feeling I have when I am writing, conveying a story or a feeling.

Talking about this with friends, something that came up was the theme of connection. When we create we connect with ourselves and also with our surroundings. Likewise, we connect through engaging with creation of others – it could be an act of reading, listening or dancing.

The second mode feels like that of decision in the mind. I strongly believe in this unquantifiable power of music, arts and community and I create to support that. I feel that music making builds community and meaningful experiences. I also create to amplify the things I believe are important which range from freedom, to deep friendships, to love and a desire to protect the natural world.

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