Minna Ora – Sea

Minna Ora is smashing her way through the indie-folk space with her new release, ‘Sea’. It is a captivating mixture of all things fabulous with nostalgic hooks rising to the top and distinct qualities which will leave you in awe. 

Hailing from Finland, Minna is catapulting out of her native country. Moreover, fans are flocking all around the music realms to grab a listen, and it is evident to see why. Furthermore, Minna has a contagious quality which arrives with a lovely texture. And her ability to unleash a powerful story is as monumental as her song writing technique. 

Starting, we hear a melodic folky guitar rhythm which grabs us and does not let go. The cadence of the beat then pushes forward, and before long, we are tapping our foot to the nail-biting arrangement. Minna then climbs to the top of the mix with vocals that are refreshing from the get-go. Furthermore, she sings with no ambiguity, and her charming tones leave an indent.

Nevertheless, I would enjoy the structure to switch up as it advances. Why? Because the arrangement stays relatively orthodox as it plays through. It almost feels as though a bridge is warranted to break up the compound and I believe it would give the piece an even more piercing flow. But, the excitement does seep out of the instrumental, and the energy levels rise rapidly as the track progresses—Especially in the chorus sections where all the guns blaze with omnipotent flavour. 

Words by James Davids

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