The Round Up – December

The Eiffels – Patient

It almost sounds like the start of a horror film, and before you can even finish that sentence The Eiffels throw in a big surprise with their upbeat and infectious soundscape consisting of nearly spoken vocals and soothing guitar and synth lines. ‘Patient’s chorus is a colourful, fast paced, artistic pop-driven sound and builds up extravagantly, showing off with grand and unexpected breaks!

Harrison Storm – With You

Harrisons Storm is a talented writer, making sure to leave his listeners with goose bumps all over. I have a weak spot for sensitive, emotional alternative singer songwriter ballads, which is exactly what describes ‘With You’ best. A soothing, dreamy and laid back soundscape, without any rush, a steady pace and calming vocals. It is exactly what I needed to have my inner storm take a break.


Beautiful, breakable vocals, an almost commercial pop sound but with a hint of alternative uniqueness that give ‘LVCIE’ its personality. We spoke to NØELLE ahead of the release of her latest single and it has made us enjoy her new single even more – behind her thought through sound hides an intricate and talented young lady that knows exactly where she’s headed and no one will stand in her way!

SHAED – Once Upon A Time

Melodramatic, musical and intriguing is how I would describe ‘Once Upon A Time’, the latest Greatest Showman-like single of SHAED. The rhythm and soundscape of the new single build up towards grand vocal tones that could cut through glass and are sparkling, refreshing and sharp. Add some nearly haunting harmonies and you have a single that is different and with a daunting outro…

The Young – Seeing The Life

The Young create energetic alternative indie pop, chanting vocals and rhythmic soundscapes we could mosh along to if we were allowed! Some unexpected changes in both rhythm and chords make for an interesting release that stands out from other indie bands. Indie is on its way out and The Young is anticipating on the new wave that is coming, without scaring their existing fans too much!

The Revs – Time Slippin’

A riffing, alternative and hazy new song was released by Donegal-based indie outfit The Revs. It’s a mix of easy-listening pop, powerful vocals and a guitar-driven soundscape that is the wet dream of alternative pop enthusiasts. The Revs are answering a need I wasn’t aware I had; to listen to a simple indie pop song, one that will be stuck in my head for the next couple of days.

An Awkward Social – The Disappointing Flavour Of Yesterday

Seeing a title as long as An Awkward Social’s new single made me assume I would just forget about it as soon as I had finished reading, but ‘The Disappointing Flavour Of Yesterday’ is surprisingly memorable. Its psychedelic pop rock vibes are different and translate the message of the track, getting old and coming to terms with your irrelevance, but in a fun way, interestingly well!

Texture Like Sun – Just Got Over

Heart-warming vocals and a soaring message are what make ‘Just Got Over’ a bittersweet tragedy song, Texture Like Sun know how to translate heartache into a soul-massaging folk pop song. The track ebbs and flows with our emotions, from the start until the end, yet at no point becomes moody and over-emotional.

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