Flammarion – Tides

Reading’s own indie pop band Flammarion have released their debut track ‘Tides’ and they knock it out of the park. ‘Tides’ features some really great guitar work; it creates a pillowy instrumentation that’s emphasised with the fantastic production on the track. I was shocked to find that it was self-produced because it is very impressive! It’s a sonic environment reminiscent of indie from the early 2010’s, with similarities to bands like Two Door Cinema Club. 

The lead singer’s vocal performance is sweet like sugar, but it unfortunately gets lost in the mix a few times. However, the instruments themselves are mixed perfectly. ‘Tides’ also appears to adhere to the simple pop song structure, but it changes it up for the last minute, putting a heavier emphasis on the vocal performance and drums over the charming guitar riffs that kicked off the track. It’s a small change, but it makes the track far more engaging and memorable.

Flammarion’s new track is very fun and easy listening, something you’d add to a chill playlist. It’s impressive as it’s both a debut and self-produced, I’m excited to hear what they have in store next.

Words by Jake Anderson

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