Polarized Eyes – Blackout

Polarized Eyes are a band you may not have heard of, but one that you definitely should
have. Consisting of three members all aged 16, the band have proved that their young
talents are extremely worthy.

Their newest single ‘Blackout’ is their third release of 2020 and is the most poignant. As the
title suggests, ‘Blackout’ was written on Blackout Tuesday, a global action taken to protest
against police brutality. As well as demonstrating the band’s capabilities and talents, the
single also captures perfectly the global anger that was and still is felt concerning police

Listening to the single, it is hard to imagine three teens making this much power and noise –
but that is what Polarized Eyes are best at. The repeated guitar riff never dulls despite its
continuation, and the vocal build-up heard in “we run, we run, we run” is impossible to sit still

Although the musical accompaniment is something special, it is the lyrics to ‘Blackout’ that
are most addictive. They are incredibly powerful in their calls for change and their portrayal
of anger, demonstrated within the repetitive line “fuck the system, because it won’t change
for the better”. In any other song, repeated lyrics could be considered dull or monotonous.
But, in ‘Blackout’, it is the constant repetition which powers the anger and thus success for
this single. 

An important message lies within the addictive power of this song: “fuck the law, fuck the
press, fuck the men who should be under arrest”.

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