2in1: Riley Pearce & The Gimmick

Riley Pearce – All My Love

The last week of this year has been one filled with relaxation and reflection. Riley Pearce added another layer of relaxation with his latest single and video ‘All My Love’, the perfect soundtrack to an afternoon walk under dripping wet trees and below rainbows. Riley’s voice has a warm edge to it that made a shiver run down my spine. ‘All My Love’ talks of celebrating the joy and stillness that comes from having a partner who brings out the best in you, a cliché that will never truly become a cliché. The video for ‘All My Love’ shows similarities to the beach scene in Grease, but slightly delayed, yet it’s heart-warming and only to be criticised by those afraid to love and open their hearts to someone else.

The Gimmick – Pasadena

‘Pasadena’ showcases a rather similar sound to ‘All My Love’ but was written and released by a new and rising band from the Netherlands. The Gimmick is a gathering of music-lovers that share a love for Americana roots-rock and a predominantly acoustic sound. The Gimmick does not want to make a fuss, they just want to make music. With their simple and straightforward debut ‘Pasadena’, all they want is to touch some hearts and share a simple message of star-crossed lovers. And with intense vocals and an acoustic guitar-driven soundscape that is just what they do!

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