Fly Trap Honey – Manikin

‘Manikin’ is Durham-based outfit Fly Trap Honey‘s second single and it is a refreshing piece of breezy alternative new wave. Entwined with pop rock influences and shining a light on the pure and natural vocals of frontman Alex, ‘Manikin’ is what we need on a late afternoon at the end of a busy day filled with demanding tasks and people. ‘Manikin’ was written on a summer’s day, takes on an 80’s vibe and talks about feeling empty and missing out on something more that is just out of reach but needed to survive.

‘Manikin’ is a promising second release, one filled with intriguing harmonies, impressive guitar solos, a soundscape that is soothing but uplifting and honest vocals. Sadly the band haven’t been able to play a headline show just yet, thanks to COVID19, but an EP is on its way and plans are still being made and hopefully will be able to go ahead very soon!

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