Limón Limón – Away

One of my absolute favourite discoveries of the past year must be Limón Limón and they have just released their new release which shows, once again, why they are one of my favourite new discoveries of the past year! ‘Away’ is a tropical, uplifting pop song that lifts my spirit with every listen. A surf rock inspired intro and warm-hearted vocals combined with a brass-filled soundscape make for a beautiful track to start the day with!

‘”Away’ is about answering the instinctive call deep in our souls that makes us want to travel, expand our lives and explore new places; longing to write the next chapter of life and step into the unknown.” Limón Limón create a sound that is unique to the indie scene and with every new release, the future indie duo proves that there is more, and how exciting that is!

For the artwork and visuals of their new single, Limón Limón worked with world renowned Tel-Aviv based graphic designer and artist Shira Barzilay – known on Instagram as @koketit, which is French slang for ‘stylish girl’.

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