Jessica Luise – Nice Try

English singer-songwriter Jessica Luise’s latest single is more than a ‘Nice Try’. The singer expertly weaves her signature guitar work with an upbeat melody and melancholic lyrics to create a sweet and poignant dream pop track. Singing of love had and lost, of knowing that a relationship could end badly and wanting to fully embrace it anyway, Luise gives her listeners a heartfelt reminder of the romances that didn’t quite last.

For Luise, “This song is the one that helped me blossom as an artist. The simplicity yet rawness of the lyrics made this song quite cathartic to write and record.” Indeed, ‘Nice Try’ departs from her previous indie folk and indie rock singles to provide a new backdrop for her effortless, honeyed vocals and unique guitar riffs. It seems there’s much to look forward to with this young artist, whose work so far establishes her impressive range in indie music.

Words by Tunika Onnekikami

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