Palma Louca – Stationary Life

Newcastle, UK based Palma Louca are slowly but surely building a reputation as a band to watch thanks to their consistently engaging and intriguing string of singles which deftly blend dream pop, dance rock, and shoegaze. With ‘Stationary Life’, the band turn in perhaps their most lyrically focused and sonically tight track to date. Pillowy layers of guitar combined with a kinetic rhythm section create a suitably otherworldly atmosphere. As a commentary on the malaise of modern society, lines like “If you don’t live now then you don’t live forever” and “When it’s over and you wake up at the start/Can you feel it in the flames?” stand out as particularly sharp and memorable lyrics. With lockdown protocols and quarantine measures leading many to lead more stationary lives, the sentiment of this new Palma Louca single is more relatable than ever.

Words by James Olson

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