Marie Naffah – Wasteland

Marie Naffah is one of the artists that appeared on our radar a little while ago and is now one of our ones to watch for the near future. With new single ‘Wasteland’ she proves worthy of that title, the single is a thumping and catchy new alternative pop song that shines a light on her warm and welcome vocals that fill up the guitar and synth-driven soundscape beautifully.

The single is not only an infectious pop song, but also talks of a rather relevant subject, Marie explains: “I wanted the song to move in and out of two lands – The Wasteland and Wonderland. Wasteland – the home of self-doubt, apathy and vulnerability is articulated through the verses whilst Wonderland is a space of confidence, power and energy that pulsates through the chorus. After the year we’ve all had, I feel it is a song for people who seek to find their own version of Wonderland in 2021.”

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