Sapphire Blues – Daydream

Sapphire Blues fleetingly pine for hope and optimism on their fitful new single ‘Daydream’. The Bristol based trio bring energy, vitality, and defiance to the sprawling and broad musical world of post punk. Vocalist/guitarist Sam Lance Jones is establishing himself as a star frontman in the making with his poetic lyrics and powerful voice which bares an uncanny resemblance to Paul Weller of The Jam. The band rides a jagged, stop-start dance rock groove while Jones asks pointed rhetorical questions in the lyrics such as “What time is left for living for the likes of me and you” and “Does your day dream anymore? / Can you share one with me?” The band packs a lot of punch on the track’s 2:49 run time and, with a song as strong as this, seem poised for a break out.

Words by James Olson

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