N.O.A.H – Darkest Hour (ft. Booka Brass)

Sounding positive and brass-filled, it’s N.O.A.H.‘s new single ‘Darkest Hour’, the band consists of three lifelong friends and was formed at the start of last year. Their name was inspired by the biblical story of ‘Noah and the Ark’, inspired by the theme of new beginnings and ‘Darkest Hour’ is the bands’ second single.

The band released their debut single ‘Shine’ in September and with the release of their new single show the course they will be taken as a band. There’s a hint of infectious indie, a grand pop sound and some nods to rock. N.O.A.H. shows determination and that the most important thing when making music is having fun! Even though their sound isn’t as inventive, the warm vocals of front man Ryan make it an intriguing mix of warm instrumentals and inspiring harmonies.

The band talked a bit about their new single and said: “Once you emerge from this mind spinning rock tune, its meaning is left staring you in the face. Broadly speaking it is about mental health, and how a sane mind quickly begins to deteriorate, we experience a person’s descent into their ‘darkest hour’.”

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