Comfort Club – Ok on My Own

Rather than wallowing in gloom, Comfort Club offers a message of optimism in the aftermath of a messy break-up. On ‘Ok on My Own’, SoCal solo artist Colin Tracey (aka Comfort Club) includes all the elements that make up a great bedroom pop number. Watery guitars, a walking bassline, and a straightforward drum rhythm serve as the perfect backdrop for Tracey’s sunny melody and relatable lyrics. The rueful tone of the verses is perfectly counterbalanced by the hopeful perspective on the chorus. Details in the verses like skipping an exes’ favourite song when it comes on while driving and questioning what went wrong add more weight to the lead line of the chorus: “You broke my heart, I know that I’ll feel better tomorrow”. ‘Ok on My Own’ works as a bedroom pop gem thanks to Tracey’s direct, no frills approach to the instrumentation and his refreshingly upbeat perspective on a well explored lyrical topic.

Words by James Olson

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