Bealby Point – I’m So Bummed Right Now

Bealby Point capture the malaise of quarantine isolation with their aptly titled new single ‘I’m So Bummed Out Right Now’. Self-described as a cross between The Strokes and the Eagles with a splash of Bahamas, this indie rock unit contrasts sorrowful, frustrated lyrics with a bright, bouncy instrumental. A plucky chord progression in combination with a busy bassline and melancholic guitar lead on the intro and chorus makes for an undeniably sticky hook. Elsewhere, vocalist Jack Armstrong channels his inner Julian Casablancas with his affected falsetto, adding to the pining tone of the track. Inspired by missing out on opportunities to create memories with your best friends, Bealby Point strike an all too relatable nerve for many a listener. For a band with such a sunny sound, here’s hoping that Bealby Point will have better days to reflect on with future songs.

Words by James Olson

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