Beafets – Saturday Night Caesar

The lo-fi indie pop sound of Beafets is yet unchallenged, a soothing and unhurried alternative sound with a calculated build up and disco-like synths filling its soundscape. ‘Saturday Night Caesar’ builds upon a slow but steady structure, and offers a welcome break from everyday life. With smooth vocals the band guide us through their latest release.

Beafets make music with the intention to provide a few minutes of uncomplicated fun, and they effortlessly succeed with their ‘Saturday Night Caesar’. Since the forming of their current line-up in 2019 the band have released a string of catchy guitar-driven indie anthems whilst receiving praise from the likes of Robert Carlyle, also know as Rumpelstiltskin. The second single of 2021 toys with experimental synths and warmer, funkier guitar rhythms that will most likely do very well on the dancefloor!

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