Wodan Boys – Bells

A new and exhilarating rock track was released by the band we have been following for a while now. Dutch alt rock outfit Wodan Boys just released their new single ‘Bells’ and it’s a powerful, pungent and exciting new single with lyrics too easy not to sing along to! The very catchy, dancing and vibing new track the band just released talks about somebody who wants to escape from the voices in his head. This single is also the first to be released from the forthcoming EP ‘Wodan Boys III’!

Fans of IDLES, Fontaines D.C. and Squid will be excited about the prospect of hearing their new favourite band. Wodan Boys convince with their powerful anthems and pop-drenched punk rock songs that are all as punchy as it gets. ‘Bells’ is just another example of one of those earworms with a surprisingly emotional meaning behind it. The song is one we will be humming for at least the next few days…

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