Cloud Cukkoo – Anna

“A while ago I saw a homeless man, sitting on the freezing cold streets in Dublin. He was trying to collect some change with a Starbucks coffee cup in front of him. Not even that cup was his, because it said ‘Anna’.”

Dutch singer songwriter Jori is better known as Cloud Cukkoo, and her alternative dream pop sound is mesmerising. Her brand new single ‘Anna’ is the first she’s released this year, and it is a wandering journey consisting of soft vocals and sweetly thumping drums. The grand and flowering soundscape of ‘Anna’ supports the story it tells; that of a surviving soul who has quite literally been kicked to the curb…

In a poetic and artistic way she tells a bittersweet story and gives it an empowering sound, Jori gives a voice to those that can’t reach quite as far as she can, and not just thanks to her vocal range. We are hoping to amplify her sound even more, and bring it to some new and curious ears. Listen to ‘Anna’ below!

“Cover yourself in glitter, cry like nobody’s watching and dance yourself into the dusk.”

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