Dave Thomas Junior – Still in Love

There isn’t always a way to soothe my soul, to calm me down or to help me relax after a hectic period of time. But when there is a way, that way is always rooted in music. ‘Still in Love’ is the beautiful and hazy dream pop single Dave Thomas Junior just released and it is the calm before, during and after a storm I need to get rerooted. Beautiful vocals and a colourful, unhurried soundscape paint a picture of an undying love.

‘Still in Love’ is mesmerising and hypnotic, simplistic yet magnificent, and its words form the sentences I have never before been able to find when being stuck in a never-ending cycle of falling in and out of love with someone. Dave Thomas Junior has a talent for creating emotional yet comforting songs, about his latest release he said: “Getting over someone can feel like 1 step forward and 2 steps back. This song is about suddenly realising the steps back are happening. You can think and think and think of anything else. You can ignore the words in your had. You can make yourself busy. You can look away. But deep down you’ll know this glorious truth; that you don’t want to let go no matter how much it hurts.”

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