Bedsit: “We’re aiming to do something new – to sound something different”

Hull-based alternative rock outfit Bedsit have just released their debut EP ‘Dead Bands’ and it is an incredible piece of art, a filthy and riffing collection of four tracks that all have their own personality yet work so well together. The EP was self-produced in their own Unit 45 studio, was mixed by Nick Russell and mastered by Pete Maher, who previously worked with Pixies, Nick Cave and Garbage to drop some very impressive names! The EP is out today, which called for a Q&A with singer Tom!

Hi! Could you introduce yourself to our misfits?

Hey! We’re Bedsit – we call ourselves ‘veterans’ of Hull’s music scene, but really that’s just a posh way of saying ‘old and jaded’. We have a plethora of musical influences and come together over a love of 90s grunge. We’re aiming to do something new – to sound something different.

What has been the most inspiring part of your musical career so far?

For me (Tom), it’s getting to work with three of the best musicians in Hull: Ciaran Hall, Casey Stead and George Garnett. It’s writing a verse on my acoustic guitar, sat on my kitchen floor at 1am, then bringing it to the band and discovering all the hidden melodies and energies that tie the song together. It’s playing the finished song in front of a packed hometown crowd and remembering that moment of conception – that isolated exploration of depression and desperation – admitting my greatest fears on stage.

How did your tour come together? Did you arrange all the shows yourselves or do you have a team of professionals helping you? 

Haha! I wish. The tour came together because I kept emailing hundreds of venues and promoters all across the UK – countless hours of work – and those with good sense and an ear for greatness decided to put us on. We arrange everything ourselves, from booking, to recording to our independent label Forever Underdogs, under which our EP Dead Bands was released.

Which show are you most looking forward to?

Obviously, our hometown show at Dive HU5. We’re also looking forward to returning to Indigo Alley in Scarborough, NE Volume Bar in Stockton and Café Indie in Scunthorpe – all fantastic venues championing original live music in their cities. We also can’t wait to play the venues we’ve never been to before. A bit of a cop-out answer, I know.

How did your EP come to be and what do you hope it achieves?

We picked four of our best songs which reflected the variety of our song writing. We want this EP to be a real tease of things to come. We want to show you what we’re made of and tee you up for what’s to come next. We want to create something new, make waves, tour the world, and we want you to be there with us from the start.

What’s next after the tour and the EP? 

We have a single in the pipeline, as well as some more videos for the EP. We produce our videos ourselves, and really enjoy the process. But that’s all just to keep the momentum up while we work on our debut album.

And your favourite song on the EP?

I think Drip Feed is a banger, that’s why it comes first. It always gets the room moving when we play it live.

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